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Don't see what you need.  We have every replacement card, KSU and Telephone
for the DBS, KX-TA, KX-TDA, KX-TDE, and KX-TD.  Call 800 619 9566

Panasonic KX-TA Phones

Panasonic KX-TA Phones

Compatoble with most of the later model analog systems from the KX-T616 to the KX-TA824 Phone Systems

Panasonic KX-TD Phones

Panasonic KX-TD Phones

Compatible with the early 2000's digital phone systems such as the KX-TD308, 816, and the 1232.

Panasonic DT300 Phones

Panasonic DT300 Phones

Compatible with all of the later model digital phone systems from the KX-TDA50 to the KX-NS700 and up to the KX-TDE600 larger model phone system.

Panasonic KX-DT500 Phones

Panasonic KX-DT500 Phones

Compatible with all of the later model digital systems that have digital interface expansion card installed. A firmware or software upgrade mey be required.

Panasonic Cordless Phones

Panasonic Cordless Phones

What is so unique about the Panasonic Cordless Phones are the Cell Stations and the Cordless Phones are sold seperately.

Many cell stations can be statically mounted or placed in a building or facility to help prevent loss of signal to a cordless phone.

Multiple cordless phones can be connected to one cell station or multiple cell stations.


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