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Panasonic Phone Systems Los Angeles.

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E System Sales, Inc. provides Panasonic Phone System Sales, Installation and Maintenance in Los Angeles.  We support the systems we sell.

Panasonic Phone Systems Los Angeles. Panasonic Phone Systems Los Angeles.
Panasonic Phone Systems Los Angeles.

Panasonic has been manufacturing sturdy reliable phone systems for many years. With many of the early KX-T and KX-TA 308, 616, 624, and 1232's still functioning today like they are new some of these systems have been around since before caller ID. Through the years Panasonic Phone System owners have been able to count on the systems through thick and thin, h\because over time the Panasonic Phone systems have been so popular that many phones, expansion boards, and control units are still available today refurbished or on the second hand market. This allows Panasonic Phone System owners the ability to keep their systems up and running as a reliable investment.

The newest Panasonic Phone Systems available today are a lot more feature rich and even more reliable with excellent support provided by the manufacturer. Some of the new features available are Voice Over IP, of course Caller ID, what is know as Off Hook Whisper, Direct Inward Dials using Caller ID, and Voice Mail.

Panasonic Phone Systems can be configured for small business with the needs of as little as 3 phones to mid size systems with the needs or 16 phones or so and larger business with the needs of 40 to 100 phones to large businesses or Hotels with the needs of 200 to 1000 phones.

E System Sales, Inc is proud to be a long time Panasonic Authorized Dealer of Panasonic Phone Systems and has spent lots of time training to stay current on the newer systems as the are introduced into the market. As a result with our superior product knowledge and Panasonic's excellent support team we have been able to meet the needs of all of our happy customers all across the country.

E System Sales, Inc. has been selling, installing and maintaining Panasonic Phone Systems in Los Angeles for more then 10 years with many happy customers all across Los Angeles County.

Panasonic Phones
Panasonic Phones

Panasonic KX-TDA50G
Panasonic's KX-TDA50 Phone System

Panasonic KX-TDE100/200
Panasonic KX-TDE100

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