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panasonic KX-TA824 Feature List

Auto Attendant DISA (3 Levels)
Account Code Entry
Alternate Calling - Ring/Voice
Analog CO Line Auto-Configuration
Automatic Callback Busy
Automatic Hold by CO/DSS Button
Automatic Outside (CO) Line
Automatic Pause Insertion
Automatic Redial
Busy Station Signaling (BSS)
Call Forwarding - All Calls
Call Forwarding - Busy/No Answer
Call Forwarding - Follow Me
Call Forwarding To Trunk
Call Hold Intercom & Trunk
Call Hold Retrieve Station &
Call Park
Call Pickup Deny
Call Retrieving from a TAM
Call Splitting
Call Transfer - to Outside (CO) Line
Call Waiting
Calling Party Control (CPC)
Signal Detection
Consultation Hold
Date and Time Setting
Data Line Security
Direct In Lines (DIL)
Direct Inward System Access
Directed Call Pickup
Distinctive Dial Tones
Do Not Disturb (DND) Override
Door Opener
Doorbell/Door Chime Connection
Doorphone Call
DSS Console
Electronic Station Lockout
Electronic Station Lockout
Cancel All
Emergency Call
Exclusive Hold Intercom & Trunk
Executive Busy Override
- Extension
Executive Busy Override - Outside
(CO) Line
Executive Busy Override Deny
Extension Group
External Feature Access
FAX Detection Using DISA
Flexible Numbering Extension
Group Call Pickup
Hands-Free Answerback
Hands-Free Operation
Idle Line Preference
Intercept Routing (DISA Only)
Intercom Calling
Last Number Redial
Limited Call Duration
Music on Hold
No Line Preference - Incoming
One-Touch Dialing
Operator Call
Operator/Manager Extension
Outgoing Message (OGM)
Outside (CO) Line Ringing
Outside Calling
Paging External
Paging Through Built-in Speaker
- All Calls
Paging Through Built-in Speaker
- Group
Paralleled Telephone Connection
Personal Speed Dialing
Pickup Dialing
Power Failure Transfer
Prime Line Preference - Incoming
Prime Line Preference - Outgoing
Proprietary Telephone Setting Data
Default Set
Pulse to Tone Conversion
Remote Station Lock Control
Ringing Line Preference
Ringing Pattern Selection
Room Monitor
Saved Number Redial
Screened Call Transfer - to Extension
Secret Dialing
Simple Voice Message feature
Station Hunting - Circular
Station Hunting - Terminate
Station Message Detail Recording
System Administration On-Site
System Administration PC Remote and Onsite
System Data Default Set
System Speed Dialing
Time (Day/Night/Lunch) Service
Timed Reminder
Timed Reminder, Remote
(Wake-Up Call)
Toll Restriction
Toll Restriction for Special
Carrier Access
Toll Restriction Override
Toll Restriction Override-System
Speed Dialing
Unattended Conference
Unscreened Call Transfer - to
Unscreened Call Transfer to
Outside (CO) Line
Voice Mail Integration
Walking COS
Telephone Features
Message Waiting for Another
Absent Message Capability
Analog Caller ID Call Waiting from
Central Office
Analog Caller ID for Extension
Analog Caller ID from Central
Background Music (BGM)
Call Log Information, Incoming
Call Log Lock, Incoming in the
Common Area
Call Log Lock, Incoming in the
Personal Area
Call Log, Incoming in the Common
Extension Button Confirmation
Flexible Buttons
Handset/Headset Selection
Line Access Buttons
Message Waiting
Microphone Mute
Self-Extension Number
Volume Controls

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